AFL-CIO Convention Spotlights Dues Spent on Politics

Yesterday, the House State Government Committee voted in favor of paycheck protection legislation that promises to empower teachers like Bill Frye and John Cress with more control over how their money is spent on politics and to get taxpayers out of the business of collecting political money.

Predictably, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder greeted this news, which signals that their control over their member’s paychecks could be in question, by calling it “paycheck deception.”

But there’s no deception: Union dues collected from government employees using taxpayer resources are used for partisan politics as we’ve pointed out again and again.

The latest example is video from PA AFL-CIO’s own constitutional convention (funded by union dues collected by taxpayers) from earlier this year, where Bloomingdale and Snyder are featured applauding partisan rants by other union leaders from AFSCME and UFCW.