Critical Vote Advances Paycheck Protection

Today, the House State Government Committee advanced House Bill 1507 to the floor, taking the first step towards ending the taxpayer collection of government union campaign contributions and political money. We applaud the House State Government Committee’s determination to restore fairness and accountability to a process that harms both taxpayers and public employees.

Thanks to today’s vote, teachers like Keith Williams, who testified before the committee, now have hope that their voices will no longer be co-opted by union executives who abuse taxpayer resources and teachers’ paychecks to advance their own political agendas.

A big thanks to Chairman Daryl Metcalfe and the Committee members who voted ‘YEA’ on paycheck protection—an important step in order for the legislation to move on for a full House vote.

Please join me in thanking those representatives who stood with the taxpayers and teachers!  You can click below for their contact information, or thank them publicly via social media.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, chair YEA Rep. Mark Cohen, chair NAY
Rep. Stephen Barrar Absent Rep. Mary Jo Daley NAY
Rep. George Dunbar YEA Rep. Marty Flynn NAY
Rep. Eli Evankovich YEA Rep. Jordan Harris NAY
Rep. Garth Everett YEA Rep. Daniel McNeill NAY
Rep. Matt Gabler YEA Rep. Daniel Miller NAY
Rep. Fred Keller YEA Rep. Michael O’Brien NAY
Rep. Jerry Knowles YEA Rep. Michael Schlossberg NAY
Rep. Timothy Krieger YEA Rep. Brian Sims NAY
Rep. David Maloney YEA Rep. Greg Vitali NAY
Rep. John McGinnis YEA  
Rep. Brad Roae YEA  
Rep. Rick Saccone YEA  
Rep. Justin Simmons YEA  
Rep. Dan Truitt YEA  

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for a listing of links to these members’ social media accounts.