Super PAC will Super Size Union Dues in Politics

You may have read articles about a federal judge allowing a “Super PAC” to operate in Pennsylvania to attack Republicans. Effectively, Super PACs can collect and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. They can’t give directly to candidates or coordinate their efforts with candidates, but can run TV and radio ads or mailers supporting or attacking candidates.

What is noteworthy is this ruling allows the “Super PAC” to collect an unlimited amount of union dues to influence elections. These dues are currently being collected at taxpayer expense.

The group spent $8 million in New Jersey last year, and could do much more in Pennsylvania, as both state and national unions have already named Pennsylvania a key state for 2014, even going so far to admit they will use union dues to help to put Democrats in control of the legislature.

While unions have every right to spend money on politics, they should compete on a level playing field and collect their own political money, rather than using taxpayer resources.

Tell your lawmakers to help stop the use of taxpayer resources to support partisan politics.