Teachers on Union Exploitation – Part 2


Julie Raab and Keith Williams are speaking out about how union influence affects their teaching jobs. They, and many teachers across the state, are fed up with Pennsylvania’s unfair system that requires teachers to pay into unions—either as members or “fee payers”—just to stay employed. And whether teachers choose to join or not, they have little say over how union leaders spend member dues on political causes and advocacy groups that many teachers disagree with.

In case you missed it, we introduced Julie and Keith in part 1 of this podcast last month. We welcome you to listen to part 2 of our conversation with these courageous teachers who are taking a bold stand on behalf of their right to support the candidates and causes of their own choosing—not those dictated by union leaders.

On why she supports ending the automatic deduction of dues and PAC contributions from teachers’ paychecks, Julie Raab says: “To me it’s a simple matter of free association—that they are forcing this money out of my paycheck. If the unions are of a benefit, people will join out of their own free will.”

Asked whether teachers are aware of how unions can use dues money for politics, Julie replied, “I think many would be surprised by that, because we’re told that money is not used for political purposes.”

Still skeptical about union dues in politics? Listen to find out how much of Pennsylvania teachers’ union dues were used to recall Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.