Grant Non-Union Teachers Freedom to Associate

I’m a public school librarian in Dauphin County and former elementary school teacher. I decided to quit my union because I was tired of seeing money being forcibly taken from my paycheck, handed over to a private organization and used to support causes in which I had no interest or that in many cases, were completely opposed to my values.

In my experience, the Pennsylvania State Education Association and the National Education Association had no interest in hearing from or supporting members whose political, moral, religious, or educational values are in disagreement with their agendas. And with money automatically taken from my paycheck like a tax and handed over to the teachers union, they had no incentive to listen.

The union received its money no matter what it did or didn’t do for members like me.

It is not my belief that there should be no public teachers’ union in Pennsylvania. I simply believe as a professional and an American that I should have the right and freedom to associate or not with any private entity. 

If teachers feel there is value to them in joining and maintaining a union, then I support and respect their personal decision. I am only asking for the same respect in return.

As it stands now in Pennsylvania I have no right to my personal decision, and that is what I would like to see changed. We should all have equal choice and protection under the law without the threat of unemployment.

Julie Raab
Public School Librarian
Dauphin County