Podcast: Why Does Wholesale Privatization Matter?

For most of us, liquor privatization means making liquor more convenient and affordable by getting rid of Prohibition era, state-run stores and unleashing the power of the private sector. But the state’s current retail system is supported by a wholesale network that’s also run by the government. For lawmakers to give Pennsylvania consumers the choice and convenience they deserve, the monopoly over wholesale and retail operations must end.

Marcia Lampman, Executive Director of the House Liquor Control Committee, says, “The PLCB is acting as a middleman, because you still have the ‘big guys’—the wholesalers—operating in Pennsylvania as well. They are simply called importers and are only allowed to sell to the PLCB.”

This adds a layer of cost and inconvenience that does not exist in other states. In fact, restaurants and taverns actually have to pick up their liquor orders from state outlets—the PLCB doesn’t deliver.

So, what is wholesale privatization and why does it matter? (Boondoggles aside.)

Marcia answers these questions and much more in our latest podcast. Listen here.