Your View: Union Helped Me After Student Attack

AnswersI took your survey, found that some of my answers were not among your choices!

-The main reason I joined the union was because of the additional health (dental and vision) benefits!!

-Representation and due process were important after one student physically attacked me. My union rep made sure that I saw a doctor and that I had records about my knee injury from the emergency room. The injury was nothing that prevented me from teaching, but at least I had records to show the swelling, displaced kneecap and scratches.

Because you have a distinctly anti-union agenda, I suppose I won’t see this feedback anywhere on your site, but you can be sure I will inform my colleagues via all social media outlets about your attack on the safety and security of teachers.

-Anne V., current teacher

Dear Anne,
Thank you for writing. I’m not quite sure what the Union did for you that the School District would not have done. I had a situation several years ago, when I was a full paying Union member, where I was intentionally kicked and hit by a student. It left bruises and welts on my leg.

The school district made record of the incident through photographs and statements. The school district informed the police and made it up to me if I wanted to make a formal complaint. I did so, so as to have paperwork on the student for any future teachers. The school district had the school nurse examine me and had me fill in paperwork for workman’s compensation in case I encountered any difficulties down the road with my injuries.

I did fare well after several weeks, but the district took the lead in making sure I was okay. The Union did not do a thing for me. I have never been offered any extra health benefits from the Union. All my health (vision and dental included) come through the school district and are the same for all teachers. I hope this helps, and I encourage you to check out our Teacher Resource Center for information on our labor rights and existing protections.

Julie Raab

Public School Librarian

Dauphin County

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