Q: How Do I Resign From My Union

Here is a sample union resignation letter to the PSEA, which represents teachers in most of Pennsylvania’s school districts.

Your collective bargaining agreement may contain a “maintenance of membership” requirement, which usually permits resignation from the union only within a narrow window before the end of your contract. Legal experts, however, believe that maintenance of membership provisions may be subject to legal challenge. If you’re interested in making such a challenge, please contact Free to Teach.

In addition, we’ve provided a sample union resignation letter to your employer we recommend that you also send to your school district superintendent. Both sample letters assume union dues have been deducted from your paycheck automatically, and if so, don’t forget to inform your payroll department that you’ve resigned, and will either owe no money or a fair share fee to the union.

For questions, contact Free to Teach at [email protected].

Sample Union Resignation Letter to PSEA (PDF)
Sample Union Resignation Letter to Employer (PDF)