Simply Naked or Simply Stupid?

Contradictions, corruption and chaos have consistently characterized the conduct of the Kings of Cabernet.  So it should be no surprise today they renewed a kids’ contest designed to bring the K-12 crowd alcohol awareness.

But why bother?  After all, just as school let out (May 28- June 24, 2012), the Gin Generals at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board blew $45,750 in tax money on 22 billboard advertisements in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.  The marketing campaign in plain sight of kids they now ask to be aware of alcohol issues?  Get “Simply Naked“(the name brand of a low-end wine the PLCB pushes). 

Forget, if for only a second, how distasteful it is for a government agency to advertise tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo (let’s never forget their tone-deaf date rape campaign this past December that garnered national condemnation); or, how wasteful it is to blow millions in tax dollars annually for advertising booze within a monopoly system already guaranteeing sales. 

The real crime here is the institutionally supported conflict of interest that sees the Princes of Pinot presiding like pyromaniacs preaching fire prevention to our progeny who will not only be ponderously perplexed, but picking up payments for Pennsylvania’s poor policies.

So are these contests to stop kids from drinking a bad thing?  No, but hypocritical policies from wasteful institutions that say “don’t drink” and “drink this” all at the same time certainly are.  So until we end this conflict of interest by giving last call for government-sold alcohol, stay thirsty my comrades.