Why Walker’s Win Pushes Principled Pa. Policies

Make no mistake, Wisconsin is sending a message to the Keystone State. If you are a Pennsylvania politician, that message is loud, clear and ignored only at your own peril.

The policies Gov. Walker pursued are the right ones because they address the special privileges and political power granted to government union bosses, who are the main drivers of out-of-control government spending, high taxes that kill jobs, rising debt that burdens the next generation, and schools where kids don’t learn but do get hurt.

Walker victoryHere in our state, those bosses continue to fight for policies that make their members’ lives worse, enriching and empowering themselves while the people of Pennsylvania keep paying more and getting less from government. In fact, those bosses used their members’ money to meddle in Wisconsin, to the tune of at least $21,000 from the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Probably to their surprise, those bosses who bet that $21,000 lost because the voters of Wisconsin rewarded Gov. Walker for recognizing a crisis, coming up with a gutsy solution, and selling his vision. His good policies became good politics, even attracting support from many union members, according to exit polls.

Pennsylvania is in a crisis, too. If not addressed with bold leadership, the problems we face will eventually consume us. The only question is whether our political leaders will be willing to risk some short-term political headaches for themselves, as Gov. Walker did, or ensure lots of long-term suffering for our children and our children’s children by consigning them to a future that is less free, less prosperous, and unworthy of the greatness of the nation we inherited. The right choice is obvious.