Got Freedom? PLCB Has No App for That!

Ah yes, the Merry Minions of Merlot, makers of mediocrity, mismanagement and the modish mockery of “modernization” are at it again.  But instead of truly bringing us into the 21st century by granting Pennsylvanians freedom to choose from the hundreds of thousands of wines spirits across the globe, they bring you … an iPhone application.thumbs down

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer report, the King of Cabernet, Joe Conti, is pretty pumped about his latest Pennsylvania perestroika ploy. “We’re pretty excited about this,” said Conti, the liquor board’s chief executive officer.

Yes, that’s right, don’t worry about choosing for yourself when the government can “modernize” their control over you.  They are stoked that in between checking scores and texting friends in other states who can by booze, bread and Bordeaux all on the same shelf, you can browse “selections” the liquor lords have granted you.  How modern, thank you, mighty Oz!

If legislators buy into the latest myth and free-market mockery of PLCB “modernization,” this becomes just another asinine reiteration of government’s inability to get out of its own way.  We know well from the kiosk catastrophes and insane conflicts of interest that government in the booze business is a lose business.

Perhaps it’s time for an iPhone app for courage; but until then, stay thirsty, comrades.