WTF! Why the Failure?

In a move requiring mental gymnastics that would make even Nadia Comaneci pack it in, some Pennsylvania House members are praising an “historic” liquor privatization bill that cleared the House Liquor Committee this morning.


Trouble is: It does nothing to privatize the stores.

In fact, the PLCB would still operate state stores, which would remain the only places in Pennsylvania where consumers can purchase liquor.  The amended bill also allows beer distributers to sell wine on a very limited basis. 

So let’s review what is left in place if this bill goes through:

Monopoly?  Check.

Conflict of interest?  Check.

Bootlegging?  Check.

Government waste and control?  Check.

Taxpayer-paid advertising?  Check.

Freedom?  Bounced check.

While true the House may continue to amend the bill while on the floor, we remain skeptical that the needs of taxpayers and consumers will be held in higher regard than those of special interests.

Not only would the current bill fail to undo the public monopoly, but it would further convolute an existing private monopoly, thus delivering a death blow to those seeking true liquor liberty.

Until that great day when we let freedom drink, stay thirsty comrades.