AG: Perestroika Better Than Freedom

They may take our wines, but they can never take our freedom!  Okay, maybe they can take both?

According to a report posted on Fox 43 Harrisburg today, Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner might think so as he suggested today that the General Assembly could greatly improve customer convenience by changing the Liquor Code to allow all state liquor stores to be open seven days per week, 12 hours per day, which would “eliminate any rationale for privatization.”

How’s this for a rationale, Sir:  Pennsylvanians want their FREEDOM!  That’s right, it turns out Pennsylvanians don’t need or want a government employee making a consumer decision for them.  Consumers don’t need Chairman’s Select, they want to select from their chair at home (and no, not just what the government says they can buy, like the latest online perestroika farce).

Oh yeah, here’s some more rationale:  Taxpayers don’t like millions being spent on advertising in a blatant conflict of interest that has the PLCB starting and putting out fires like some absurd pyromaniac who doubles teaching fire prevention.

And in case AG Wagner forgot the results of the PLCB audit his team buried on their Web site this summer, taxpayers are not thrilled with the rampant waste and abuse like the wine kiosk catastrophe, the charm school debacle or the great inventory wine waste caper.

So, no, AG Wagner, extending perestroika to the peasants will not keep us from wanting to rid ourselves of an archaic, wasteful, freedom-sucking dinosaur that is the PLCB.

Until that glorious day when fermented freedom rings throughout the commonwealth and the PLCB is in the booze business no more, stay thirsty my comrades.