Rockin’ Rally to Rescue Kids in Crime-Ridden Schools

I’m surprised the Capitol Dome stayed on its foundation this afternoon.  Hundreds of children filled the steps and balconies in the Capitol rotunda to call on the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans with a 112-91 majority) to pass a school choice proposal that will will rescue thousands of children trapped in violent, failing schools.  The rally was rockin’!

Ironically, Gov. Rendell — the former governor who increased state tax dollars into these violent, failing schools by nearly 50 percent in eight years — held a news conference immediately afterward to defend the indefensible status quo.  Very few people even bothered to show up.  Not a single child was by his side.  It’s a good thing, because the only answer he has for those kids stuck in Pennsylvania’s worst performing and crime-ridden schools is “Suck it up!”

With the Senate passing SB 1 a few weeks ago, all eyes are now on the House.  Some members are still asking, “What’s in it for me?”  Others, even though they may not be immediately affected, recognize that this is just the beginning of our continued efforts to make sure every parent has the right to choose the best schools for their children.

Where does your Representative stand?  Contact him or her here and find out if they will stand with Ed Rendell or with the thousands of children that are clamoring for more school choice.