Walmart Waives Wistful Wine Waste

It appears the wistful wine wizards who wished to foist the fermented farce of their conniving kiosk caper have been brought a big blow to their Big Brother booze business.

Walmart frownWhile that may not be as clear as the blatantly ignored recommendations of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s own kiosk contract evaluation panel, it seems successful superstore Wal-mart has said no to the ‘Blow and Go’ fiasco. 

Save money, live better?  Apparently Wal-mart believes their customers can do just that without the help of the PLCB plot, as they voiced to the vineyard viceroy plans to stop viral vine vending in 23 of its Pa. stores.

This would be bad news to any reputable business, but let’s remember folks, this isn’t a business, just a out-of-control government agency trying to mimic a business.  Undaunted, CEO Conti said the PLCB, makers of monopolies, mediocrity, mismanagement and Merlot malfeasance, is negotiating with Wal-mart on a store-within-a-store concept.

Good grief, where do we start with what is wrong with that concept?

Let‘s remember this is the same CEO who said of the kiosk catastrophe that, “This was not a faulty fiscal decision.”

So while the Pinot pushers peddle propaganda and poorly planned programs, Pennsylvanians perpetually pray for Liquor Liberation and fermentable freedom.  Until that day, stay thirsty comrades.