Former Chair: PLCB ‘Socialist’ System, Insulting

MOSCOW HARRISBURG (July 27) – A big ushanka (hat) tip goes to the Philadelphia Daily News, William Bender and former PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman today for calling the babushka ugly.  Ushanka

“I think it’s insulting to Pennsylvanians. It’s a socialist-type system,” said Newman, who added it was also anti-consumer.

You mean there is a reason consumers reject Big Brother kiosks and risk bootlegging through borders just to find better selection and prices free of government approval?  You mean Americans actually like freedom?

Apparently so, as about 70 percent of Pennsylvanians, regardless of party affiliation or whether they even drink, are saying it time to bid dosvedanya to the distilleries dinosaur. 

But hey, who cares what consumers and voters want anyway?  The beatings must continue until morale improves.  Until then, stay thirsty my comrades.