More Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying from School Districts

Public schools complain of underfunding, yet they are spending your tax dollars to lobby for more funding and against school choice, as property taxes skyrocket.

The latest salvo comes from Portage Area School District, which put out an alert urging people to contact their legislators to “oppose any voucher legislation.” The district uses taxpayer funds to host the website and pays a teacher $2,000 a year to maintain it.

Another recent example is the Fox Chapel Area School District, which also attacked vouchers in its latest official newsletter (see below), sent to residents of the district. Aren’t you glad school administrators have their priorities set straight?

More Taxpayer Funded Lobbying Against School Choice

We’ve noted before how public school districts around the state funnel $92 million in taxpayer dollars toward special interest lobbying groups, including the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT). These groups in turn corral their dues toward fierce lobbying efforts against spending cuts, school choice and education reforms.

This is your tax dollars at work.