Biofuel Failure becomes Natural Gas Success

biofuelPat Copple owns a biodiesel plant in Monaca, or at least he did until May when he started to convert his operation into a Marcellus wastewater treating facility. Copple says the biodiesel business was never good, despite the hype from Gov. Rendell and President Obama, who both toured his facility.  

With about $1 million in equipment changes, Copple estimates he can refit his plant and take advantage of the growing need for more sophisticated water treatment plants. In other words, even with the wealth of federal and state tax and production incentives for biofeuls, the largely unsubsidized natural gas industry created a better business opportunity.

Apart from biofuel’s dependency on subsidies, their production—especially ethanol—has had devastating effects on the poor. We’ve blogged in the past about how their production creates water shortages and rising food prices