School Choice Hypocrisy at Solanco Public Schools

The Solanco School District in Lancaster County wants to buy-off parents who are choosing charter schools for their children with their own $1,000 taxpayer-funded voucher if they switch from their current public cyber or brick-and-mortar charter school and enroll in the district-run Solanco Virtual Academy.

Not only is Solanco trying to bribe parents away from the school choice they’ve already made, this scheme is a Full Monty display of their school choice hypocrisy. While Solanco publicly opposes giving vouchers to students to attend lower-cost alternative schools, they turn around and want to give families $1,000 to choose a lower-cost alternative.

Just another example of the “school choice is ok for me but not for thee” hypocrisy of the adults putting the interests of the public school system ahead of the interests of the students.