PA House Passes Four Reform Bills this Week

The Pennsylvania State House has been especially productive this week, passing four pieces of key legislation that CF blogged on last week.

Monday night, after prolonged debate, the chamber finally passed a top priority piece of legislation on lawsuit abuse reform, HB 1. Better known as the Fair Share Act, HB 1 protects plaintiffs from being held liable for paying more in damages than is proportional to their level of responsibility. Studies show tort reform is not only good for the parties that get sued, but the entire economy.

See how your representative voted here.

Yesterday, the chamber passed three of the GOP’s eight welfare reform bills including: requiring the Department of Public Welfare to cross-reference applications with other state databases to ensure eligibility, increasing penalties for welfare fraud, and verifying permanent addresses to prevent applicants from crossing county lines to collect assistance from counties with more generous benefits.

Roll call votes here.