Pennsylvanians Support School Choice

Muhlenberg College polled more than 470 Pennsylvanians for the Morning Call. Several questions focused on expanding school choice in Pennsylvania; here’s what the poll found:

Muhlenberg College Poll
Question Support Oppose
State vouchers to low-income students to attend a school of choice 54% 30%
Vouchers used at schools funded by a religious organization 54% 28%
Question Public Schools Private Schools Both
Would you prefer vouchers be used for public schools, private schools, or both? 23% 3% 61%

The actual polling questions are below.

Q47: Pennsylvania legislators have recently proposed a bill that would allow low-income families to apply for state scholarships in order to send their children to the school of their choice. The plan, which would give students a chance to transfer out of significantly underperforming schools, would be phased in over three years, and the costs to taxpayers would be lower than traditional costs of education in public schools. Do you support or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a school to attend at public expense

  • Support 54%
  • Oppose 30%
  • No opinion/Not sure (Volunteered) 8%
  • Refused (Volunteered) 8%


Q48: If the bill is passed, would you prefer that the vouchers be used for public schools, private schools, or both?

  • Public schools only 23%
  • Private schools only 3%
  • Both 61%
  • No opinion/Not sure (Volunteered) 5%
  • Refused (Volunteered) 7%

Q49: Would you support or oppose the use of vouchers at a school that is funded by a religious organization?

  • Support 54%
  • Oppose 28%
  • No opinion/Not sure (Volunteered) 11%
  • Refused (Volunteered) 7%

Likewise, a CF polled released last November found that 50% of voters support giving students vouchers to attend private schools. Despite the public school establishments claims that Pennsylvanians don’t support school choice, it is clear the majority do.