PLCB Wants to Imitate Private Retailer

After CF’s Nathan Benefield testified last week to the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee on the benefits of liquor store privatization, special interest groups testified that allowing the evil private sector to run liquor stores would be devastating to Pennsylvania.

After a few hours of hearing testimony of how privateers would exploit Pennsylvanians and sell booze to children, PLCB CEO Joe Conti (who ironically, as a legislator, co-sponsored a bill to privatize state liquor stores) testified that the legislature should keep the PLCB but “allow the PLCB to function more like a private retailer.”

Conti advocated many reforms used by the private sector to be more efficient—but imitating the private sector is no alternative to privatization.  The PLCB’s secret plan demonstrates that the opposition to liquor store privatization is simply rooted in preservation of the bureaucracy and political power, not in any concern for Pennsylvania residents.

The current state-run system is broken; even Joe Conti realizes it. Privatization will give Pennsylvanians better services, lower prices and greater selection on alcoholic products.