Three Reasons for School Choice

Case for School ChoiceA few recent editorial pieces have highlighted the variety of reasons Pennsylvania needs more school choice for parents and students.

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article by Benjamin F. Chavis, former CEO of the NAACP, and Kevin P. Chavous, chairman of the Black Alliance for Educational Options and Democrats for Education Reform, explains why school choice is a civil rights issue.

Susquehanna University professor Matthew Rousu looks at the costs and benefits of school vouchers in a Patriot News op-ed, and concludes that, while no panacea, the benefits—improved academic performance—outweighs the costs.

Finally, Daily News columnist Joe DiStefano looks at Senate Bill 1, noting that the expansion of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) in that proposal means more choice for middle-class families. Moreover, he notes the benefits to taxpayers: by giving families choices with a voucher or a tax credit scholarship that is only a fraction of school district spending, school choice saves taxpayers money.

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