Pennsylvania Prison Postponed, Pork Prolonged

Yesterday, Gov. Corbett cancelled a planned prison construction project in Fayette County, estimated to cost taxpayers $200 million. In January, Auditor General Wagner called for a halt on expanding prison capacity, in its place he recommended utilizing alternative-sentencing for non-violent offenders, which could save Pennsylvanians an estimated $50 million in fiscal year 2011-12.

While Gov. Corbett appears to be taking the fiscally and socially responsible approach of looking at correction reforms, he has allowed some debt-financed pork Rendell negotiated to continue.

It was announced yesterday that Gov. Corbett approved the $42 million to Philadelphia’s Aker Shipyard—a failing business that received almost $430 million in city, state and taxpayer aid in 1998—that former Gov. Rendell promised, but did not finalize, before he left office.

In other corporate welfare news, Harrisburg is expecting to receive $8.5 million in state funding through RACP, the taxpayer-funded state borrowing program for “economic development.” Will this save the near bankrupt city?  Here is Mayor Linda Thompson with the answer: