Union: We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year?

Spring has almost sprung – seriously, it’s true.  Want to see the signs?  Pitchers and catchers have reported to the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues, it’s looking like 60 degrees in the mid-state by Friday, and the AFL-CIO is already starting to talk like the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates – the current version, not Clemente-Stargell style, mind you.

During a roll out of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO agenda, Tuesday, which could have just read, “Whatever Corbett says, we’ll do the opposite,”  Frank Snyder, the group’s secretary-treasurer, said, “You don’t start the season believing you’re going to have a losing season. You start the season thinking that you’re going to be the champions.”

After renewing their calls for imposing a punitive new tax on natural-gas drilling, increasing corporate net income tax, extending sales taxes to cigars and smokeless tobacco, attacking the notion that closing the budget gap cannot be done without a broad tax increase and trying to undermine the proposed privatization and liquor and expansion of school choice, Federation President Rick Bloomingdale finally echoed the refrain of the overly concerned, saying, “We’re not going to stop fighting. That doesn’t even make sense just because we might lose this year. Maybe we’ll win next year.”

For once, we believe you on all fronts.