With Government Booze, Consumers Lose

It’s funny how we keep hearing union mouthpiece Wendell Young proclaim how much an asset full government control over the liquor sales business is to Pennsylvania consumers, yet consumers still aren’t getting what they want. 

As a Philadelphia Daily News reader mockingly asked after analyzing the highly advertised—with your tax dollars—PLCB promotion of its Chairman’s Selection campaign, “Chairman who, Mao?”

And so it is no surprise that Pennsylvania consumers continue to stream over our borders, forced into bootlegging a legal commodity in pursuit of better selection, service and prices.

Apparently until government gets out of the booze business, it won’t get much better for the consumers here. As the Patriot News reported today, about 400 more products will be removed from the PLCB’s government-controlled inventory.

A hat tip to State Rep. Scott Perry, Dillsburg, who summed up the latest loss to consumers, saying, “Now you won’t even be able to get (these products) … I personally think this is just an indication the state liquor system’s time has come and gone.”

We couldn’t agree more, Sir.