Obama’s Energy Agenda

President Obama traveled to Penn State University yesterday to discuss his energy agenda and unveil his new taxpayer funded program incentivizing states to retrofit commercial buildings for energy efficiency.

One Penn State student group, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), led a protest rally during the event to let the Obama Administration know that young Americans are informed and against his costly energy agenda.

YAF Chair Samuel Settle stated,

“This administration has consistently opted to favor high-cost, impractical energy solutions under the guise of being ‘green’. This is truly unfortunate, because the people who get hit the hardest by rising energy prices are the poor and the economically destitute-two segments of the population that have increased under this administration.”

While the President didn’t say how much the energy efficiency program would cost, we know it’s on top of the $20 billion for building energy efficiency included in the stimulus package.

Last night, CF Director of Policy Research Nathan Benefield discussed the government’s role in energy issues on WITF-TV’s Smart Talk.