Gov. Rendell Vetoes Education Bill

Last week, Gov. Rendell vetoed an education bill that combined several smaller pieces of legislation. Rendell did not like a provision that would declare charter school buildings owned by nonprofit foundations exempt from property taxes. Currently, charter schools (as they are public schools) are tax exempt if they own their own buildings, but if they lease the building from a nonprofit foundation, it is up to the county to decide if it is taxable or not—some counties tax such properties, others do not.

Rendell’s veto would reportedly affect only three charter schools in the state.

Sen. Jeff Piccola, chair of the Education Committee, issued a scathing rebuttal to the Governor’s veto.

It would seem that the bill has enough support in both chambers to override the veto, but it is unclear whether holding a vote to do so would open the doors to a lame-duck session, which Senate leaders have consistently said will not occur.