Spending Revolt Tour: Day 3 Update

Spending RevoltDay two of Spending Revolt took us to Connellsville, where I spoke with Peter Thande, a young man from Kenya who will become a U.S. citizen in 2011. He turned out to protest what also concerns many other Americans: excessive and wasteful spending that is being financed by hiking taxes on an already-strapped citizenry.

Mr. Thande told me that residents such as himself, who do the right thing, work hard to take care of their families and pay their taxes are growing more and more weary of a government that views its citizens as ATM machines. He turned out to send a message: enough is enough. Be sure to check out this video—great stuff from a great American.

After a quick stop in Harisburg, the bus heads this afternoon to Lebanon, where former Sen. Rick Santorum is expected to address what we think could be our biggest crowd yet. More from the road!