Spending Revolt Tour: Day 1 Update

Day one of the Pennsylvania leg of the National Spending Revolt bus tour kicked off this morning in Erie. The weather, appropriately enough, is gloomy and gray—rather fitting, given the economic state of the Commonwealth, and the country.

A story in today’s Wall Street Journal reports that middle-income Americans are slamming the brakes on spending, foregoing even the smallest of luxuries and cutting back even on necessities. Meanwhile, our government continues to engage in an orgy of taxing and spending the likes of which this country has never seen.

It’s time to tell our leaders: enough is enough. If the average family has to respond to recession by tightening its collective belt, then so should—no, so MUST—our government. That’s the message we’re sending across the Commonwealth as the Spending Revolt bus rumbles from town to town. Stay tuned to this space for more dispatches from the road, and be sure to check out the full schedule: we’re coming to a town near you!