Which Taxpayer-Funded Video Studio Tells More Lies?

Yesterday, Bob Caton, spokesman for the Pennsylvania House Democrats, and Steve Miskin, spokesman for the House Republican, engaged in a Twitter argument over which caucus’ TV shows were more unrealistic, i.e., the House Democrats’ or House Republicans’.

This display of polemics raises another, more important, point (though one they both missed): Why are taxpayers funding four TV studios – one of each caucus – in the basement of the Capitol?

  1. Bob Caton
    BobCaton RT @PaHouseDems The Agenda for Action is coming up next at 2:30 p.m. on @pcntv. http://cot.ag/diK01L
  2. Stephen A. Miskin
    Sam1963 @BobCaton Ahhh… I guess fiction is better than reality… enjoy your 2:30 show.
  3. Bob Caton
    BobCaton @Sam1963 Just watched one that made Star Wars look like a documentary
  4. Stephen A. Miskin
    Sam1963 @BobCaton Oh, you obviously watches that PA House Democratic sci fi show, Agenda for Action… the Saga on non-action continues…
  5. Bob Caton
    BobCaton @Sam1963 After the House GOP show I had to watch something more realistic: Lord of the Rings
  6. Stephen A. Miskin
    Sam1963 @BobCaton Lord of the Rings isn’t a truer story?
  7. Bob Caton
    BobCaton @Sam1963 They did make some changes from the original Ayn Rand script

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Side Note: The idea that Star Wars isn’t real should never be discussed on the Internet. You might as well go around to kindergarten classes and tell them that Santa hates little kids.