Missouri Voters Reject Obamacare

Last night, Missouri voters passed Proposition C. The initiative would prevent the state from enforcing any mandate on individuals to buy health insurance. The measure was opposed by every major newspaper, and the state hospital association spent $400,000 to fight it. This help drive down support, so Prop C only passed with 71% in favor.

For some perspective, here are other questions that can get 71% of voters to support:

  • Do you like the Beatles?
  • Are babies cute?
  • Should we be nice to veterans?
  • Have you seen Star Wars?
  • Do you want to make more money?

There is similar legislation pending in Pennsylvania – HB 2053 (Rep. Baker), HB 2179 (Rep. Schroder), and SB 1313 (Sen. Scarnati) – and in a number of other states.