Climate Change “Deniers” Protest in Pittsburgh

Yesterday, PennFuture welcomed Dr. Mann to Pittsburgh as part of the Experts and Heroes conference. As attendees munched on hummus and pita chips some “deniers” protested outside with a big yellow chicken and t-shirts reading “Hide the Decline Mann-made Global Warming”.

Anyone who associated with the protesters was quickly denied entrance. Among the nervous laughter regarding those “outside” were a few rhetorical gems.

One speaker promoted low carbon fuel standards and then admitted, “Does it work? We don’t know.” The command and control regulation needed to run such a program has generated numerous lawsuits in California where a fuel standard was enacted in 2007.

When asked if there really is a consensus Mann dismissed “deniers” as scientists who do not understand the climatology or reputable scientists who are tricked into signing petitions. He failed to mention that just this spring more than 100 scientists signed a statement denying a consensus. And Dr. Mann himself has actively worked to keep those of differing views from publishing in scientific journals.

Finally Jan Jarrett (President of PennFuture) admitted the erosion of support for climate change legislation in public opinion polls is extremely dangerous. “We didn’t want to admit that there was a debate and that was a mistake.”

The global warming “consensus” is quickly unraveling.