Who Got Bribed on Health Care Vote?

Eric Telford (Twitter handle JoeTaxpayer) has started to round up Congressmen who change their health care vote after getting big grants for their districts: 

  1. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer Did Rep. Scott Murphy (D-NY) sell his vote for $4.7 million? http://bit.ly/cOMpKg
  2. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer Rep. Suzanne Kosmas flips her previous “no” vote to a “yes” – what changed? $65 million going to her district… http://bit.ly/9xo5J1
  3. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer Boccieri Buy-off: voted “no” before, now he’s voting “yes” after Obama admin sends $17 million to his district http://bit.ly/bQPdE9
  4. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer RT @JBTctpo Apparently Stupak’s payoff was more than a airplane ride … it was an airport http://bit.ly/a0ajRK (link via @JoeTaxpayer)
  5. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer Salazar Sell-out: guess who’s voting “yes” after the Obama admin sent $3.5 million to his district http://twitpic.com/1a49p6
  6. Erik Telford
    JoeTaxpayer The public option lives! Dems who flip their votes miraculously recieve millions in federal grant $ for their districts over the last week.

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