Pennsylvania Lawmakers to End Calendar Givewaways

ABC 27 reports that both the Pennsylvania House and Senate will not be printing calendars to give away this year (which typically featured a “courtesy of Rep. Name”) sticker. This is an issue we helped bring to the forefront, and investigated the cost to taxpayers of these giveaway. (HT to GrassrootsPA).

The dollar amount of the calendars may seem like a small item in a huge state budget, but nonetheless, this represents a victory for taxpayers. It seems lawmakers are experiencing a change in mindset that tax dollars are not there to hand out in hopes of self promotion.

What will this lead to? We can start by getting rid of taxpayer-funded advertising, perhaps we can work to prevent an oversized cardboard check made out to Harley Davidson for $15 million, or maybe lawmakers will try to eliminate slush funds (that no one knew existed) used to give striking SEPTA workers bonuses.

Yes, there is still plenty of “political development” spending in the state budget, but the end of calendars represents a step in the right direction, and hopefully a change in the mentality lawmakers use when spending other people’s money.