Taxpayers Flee High Tax States

Our friends at the Empire Center for New York State Policy has a new report on the “exodus” of residents from New York to other states. The report is full of interesting charts and tables.

The report highlights both good news and bad news for Pennsylvania. On the plus side, Pennsylvania is the 3rd highest destination for New Yorkers (behind Florida and New Jersey) – attracting a net of 89,000 individuals, (mostly from the NY City region) with a net income gain of $1.5 billion – from 2001 to 2007.

On the negative side, PA is a net loser overall – having lost 49,000 residents to other states from 2000-2008; ranking 40th in the interstate competition for residents. (New York lost an amazing 1.5 million residents in interstate migration during that time).

Previously we have highlighted residents moving out of Pennsylvania (with data here) with update with 2008 Census numbers and United Van Lines data. PA would undoubtedly be in worse shape if it did not border New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio – all of which drove residents away at a much higher rate.