ObamaCare vs. Free Market Solutions

The Heritage Foundation has a new analysis of the US House Democrats’ health care bill, showing that over 80 million people would lose their private insurance, and costs for private coverage would go up by as much as $460 per person.  (Click here for full study).  Michael Tanner also raises the loss of private options in “The Three Lies of ObamaCare.”

If you are curious who is lobbying for ObamaCare, well, good luck with that; the administration is leery about putting that information out there.  (As an aside, former Obama apostle John Stewart has a funny bit examining Obama’s delivery on transparency.)

Of course, simply pointing out the flaws in ObamaCare isn’t enough, nor – despite attacks against critics of government run health care – what groups like the Commonwealth Foundation advocate.  Here are our proposals for health care reform. The Cato Institute also  has a nice rundown on the Free Market Approach to Health Care Reform and the Texas Public Policy Foundation has a good FAQ on Obama’s Plan vs. a Patient Centered Approach.

The Manufacturer and Business Association has an easy-to-use form for contacting your legislators, and Free Our Health Care Now is a e-petition you can sign.  Some more resources on the health care debate can be found here.