A Real Budget Solution!

HARRISBURG, PA — Today, the Commonwealth Foundation unveiled a new proposal to help generate revenue to fill the state budget deficit—selling statuettes of Gov. Ed Rendell.

Last week, Gov. Rendell told WTAE 4 that state workers should be so grateful to him—despite the fact that, as in each of the past six years, he is using state workers as hostages in a negotiating ploy—that “they should put a statue of me on their mantle place.” In response, the Commonwealth Foundation has proposed that the state sell limited-edition marble statuettes of the Governor at $2,000 each.

“For only the cost of a foot-long sandwich at Subway per day, residents can enjoy their very own miniature replica of Gov. Rendell, and help ensure a balanced budget,” said Matthew J. Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation.  “And Gov. Rendell’s ‘Tax You More Bus Tour’ is the perfect opportunity—set up a sales tent at each stop, while Gov. Rendell gives his song and dance of why he needs more money to spend.”

If 80,000 state workers each bought a statue, that would provide over $160 million to the state.  At $2,000 apiece, it would only take the sales of 500,000 marble-Rendells to generate $1 billion in additional state revenue.

“If the people of Pennsylvania think as highly of Gov. Rendell as he thinks of himself, this budget impasse will be over in hours,” added Brouillette.

More ways to help balance the budget without raising taxes can be found at www.CommonwealthFoundation.org