Rebutting Rendell’s Rhetoric

Rendell’s propaganda campaign continues today, with another press conference (his sixty-first, in support of legislation that does not yet exist) with tax eaters asking for more tax dollars. Rendell latest rhetoric is talking about all the folks who don’t pay Pennsylvania income taxes – my favorite (and John Micek’s is well) is the unemployed. Which I’m sure is inspiring lots of support from the folks convinced they won’t pay higher taxes because they won’t have jobs.

Senator Dominic Pileggi also lays the smackdown on Rendell’s mis-education effort that Pennsylvania needs to higher state taxes or else property taxes will increase in the Tribune Review today. Pileggi notes, as we have, that school districts will be getting an double-digit increase in aid. Schools don’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem.

The article notes that property taxes are going to increase regardless, because of the looming pension crisis. Unfortunately, neither the Governor’s plan nor the Senate plan offers pension reform. The key difference is the Rendell budget would raise taxes now and exhaust the rainy day fund, then raise taxes again to fill the gap from federal stimulus money, and then again in a couple years to fund pensions.

Also, here is an ad running in the Allentown srea to counter Rendell’s propaganda machine.