Get Informed and Active on Health Care Reform

On multiple occasions, we have suggested, or passed along the advice of others saying the same, that Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and free market advocates need to get serious about health care policy, becoming active on that front and pushing free market health care reforms.

Well, thanks in large part to the push for ObamaCare, there area lot of new ways to get involved. On the information front:

There are also some coalitions forming:

  • Patients United Now is a very slick website put together by Americans for Prosperity to join the coalition for health care freedom, as well as to get information.
  • Consumers for Patients Rights is another coalition, with a website full of information.
  • Tea Party Patriots is working to organize local town hall events on health care policy.
  • And Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is starting to push activists to get engage on health care. (Here is a video of Ron Paul, a doctor, giving a good overview of the problems in health care policy).

Of course, the Galen Institue, NCPA, Consumers for Health Care Choices and Council for Affordable Health Insurance remain good sources of information on health care policy.