What not to like about ObamaCare

The Cato Institute has a recent publication out highlighting “Seven Bad Ideas” of President Obama’s health care plan. Here are some more on two of those bad ideas:

Paying For It: Michael Tanner and Chris Edwards round up the various middle-class tax increases being discussed use to pay for the plan. John Goodman points out the hypocrisy of Obama, who criticized McCain’s health care tax credit during the campaign because it would tax employer benefits as income, but now proposes doing the exact same thingwithout the tax credit.

The Public Option: Radley Balko writes for Reason on how the new government health insurance program will quickly crowd out private insurance, and result in a single-payer system. The Wall Street Journal also opines that the “public option” will be the only option. Obama stated yesterday that anyone who says that his plan would lead to a single-payer system is a liar – but among those are single-payer advocates and supporters of the Obama plan like Rep. Jan Shakowski, and professor Jacob Hacker.