More Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying for Higher Taxes

The Rendell administration is going on another taxpayer funded bus trip across the state for higher spending (and the higher taxes need to pay for them).    The target this time is education spending, which PDE secretary Zahorchak will be busy telling folks being slashed so heavily children will be crammed into one-room schoolhouses.  Of course, in realty, schools will be getting an average 12% increase in basic and special education grants, when federal stimulus money is included.

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is complicit in this latest taxpayer funded lobbying effort, issuing a call to action for recipients of tax dollars who want more tax dollars to voice that opinion.  Of course, if you oppose tax increases, you can also show up – Gov. Rendell won’t lend you the microphone during this PR stunt – but you can still let them know what you think of their tax hike plan.

Also, for anyone who thinks there is nothing left to cut in the budget – or even wonders why we have a $3 billion deficit – have you thought about cutting taxpayer funded bus tours?