Keep Harley in PA – Pass Right to Work

Last week, Harley Davidson announced the possibility of relocating their York County manufacturing plant to a state with better long-term economic competitiveness. (Spokesman Bob Klein stated that all alternate locations are within the United States).

According to John Boyd, president of an independent site selection corporation, Harley will likely move their York facility to a southern state, following companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes, all of whom have manufacturing facilities in Alabama and surrounding states. Alabama and many southern states are right-to-work states, offering these companies greater flexibility in hiring workers.

If legislators want companies like Harley Davidson to keep jobs in Pennsylvania, they must stop catering to labor unions, which account for only 15% of the state’s workers, and make Pennsylvania more competitive by enacting right-to-work legislation.

Indeed, it is quite clear that right-to-work states have had far faster job, income, and population growth, compared to compulsory-union states like Pennsyvlvania, have weathered the current recession better, and have a better economic outlook.