Saving School Choice (and Savings of School Choice)

Great new video from ReasonTV on the DC Voucher program, and the threats to eliminate it, despite a US Department of Education report that it helps improves student learning and the fact that it costs less than public schools.

Meanwhile, today in Harrisburg we celebrated the 8th Birthday of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC).  The $75 million tax credit for business provides $53 million for scholarships ($44.7 million for K-12 students and $8 million for pre-K) and $22.3 million for educational improvement programs. The REACH Foundation has more info on the EITC

Hundreds of students served by the EITC attended both to celebrate the program, and to voice opposition to fears it may be cut in the current budget.  This despite the fact the the EITC services 44,000 students with scholarships averaging little over $1,000, compared with the per-pupil costs of over $13,000 per pupil in traditional public schools.  Even when factoring state subsidies for private schools (i.e. books and transportation), the EITC saves taxpayers over $500 million – costs that would result in higher property taxes if these students are pushed back into traditional public schools.