Ted Nugent Headlines San Antonio Tea Party

Ted Nugent accompanied Glenn Beck at the San Antonio Tax Day Tea Party held in front of the Alamo on April 15th. Nugent provided the soundtrack as Beck spoke to the nation about the meaning of the tea party movement.

Beck (correctly) stated, “These have nothing to do with the Democratic Party other than the Democrats suck. However, no more than the Republicans suck.”

He continued, “This has nothing to do with how much Barack Obama is spending. It’s about how much Barack Obama and George W. Bush and both Congresses have been spending for years.

Join the Commonwealth Foundation at the LiveFreePA event with Ted Nugent for a day-long celebration of many of the personal freedoms we enjoy today but which are under attack in Harrisburg and Washington.

Ted Nugent will join Matt Brouillette on THE BOX tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th to chat about the upcoming event and everything else on his mind.

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