The Sunspot Recession Crisis

According to NASA, we are in the midst of the greatest sunspot recession since 1913. Analysts believed the sunspot recession had hit bottom in 2008, but activity has continued to decline, leading the government agency to proclaim, “This is the quietest sun we’ve seen in almost a century.”

How has the government responded to this sunspot crisis? Surely, they must be working on a plan to somehow stimulate sunspots and lift us out of this recession. Actually, the country’s leading scientists have chosen to do – nothing (gasp).

In the mid-1800’s, scientists discovered the existence of a sunspot cycle, a natural series of recessions and booms in sunspot activity that repeat over time. These recessions even have financial benefits, such as increasing the lifespan of satellites, saving millions of dollars.

Despite the fact that Adam Smith noted the existence of similar natural forces in the economy nearly 100 years before the discovery of the sunspot cycle, the government continues to interfere with the natural ebb and flow of the market cycle. Economic recessions, like sunspot recessions, serve a purpose. They naturally correct market behavior, allowing weak companies to go bankrupt and allowing new, stronger (or simply more efficient) companies to take their place.