Term Limits Needed in Pennsylvania

John Baer writes that the recent Vince Fumo conviction – the latest in a long history of corruption by long-time Pennsylvania lawmakers – is another reason why Pennsylvania needs term limits for state legislators.

Trust me, there are more, and there’s an ongoing corruption probe of the Legislature likely to snag other long-term officeholders.

Also, I suspect if the feds focused a couple of years on almost any decades-plus incumbent they’d turn up something to prosecute.

And, OK, some long-termers serve more than steal, but the Pennsylvania pattern is pretty clear: the longer you’re here, the better your chances of personal experience with prosecutors.

My only complaint with the article is that his listing of states with term limits could use a bit of Dr. Seuss – big state, small state, red state, blue state – but you get the picture:

Fifteen states have term limits. Big states (California), smaller states (Maine), Midwestern states (Michigan), neighboring states (Ohio) and southern states (Florida).