Representatives Propose Putting State Government on a Diet

State Representatives Mike Turzai and Tom Quigley unveiled a plan to cut about $170 million wasteful spending from the Pennsylvania state budget ($130 million relative to Gov. Rendell’s proposed budget) by cutting a number of corporate welfare programs. All of these cuts, along with many others, were identified in our report, Government on a Diet: Spending Tips 2009

Turzai-Quigley Cuts (Thousands of Dollars)
Program 2008-09 Enacted 2009-10 Proposed
Opportunity Grant Program $28,000 $18,268
Infrastructure Development $22,500 $20,500
Community Conservation and Employment $44,610 $24,913
Infrastructure and Facilities Improvements Grant $27,000 $35,500
Economic Advancement $17,800 $9,910
Community and Regional Development  $15,900 $12,570
World Trade PA $14,075 $8,986
Total $169,885 $130,647

Turzai and Quigley also propose reducing the state Personal Income Tax from 3.07% to 2.99%.