School Choice Hypocrisy Coming in DC?

The federal “omnibus” bill, despite billions in earmarks an pork, also proposes to cut off funding for the DC Scholarship program, write Dan Lips and Robert Enlow in NRO Online. This was also covered by Andrew Coulson in the NY Post and by the Wall Street Journal.

The DC Opportunity Scholarship Program improves student test scores, gets high marks from parents, and saves taxpayers money – the max scholarship value is $7,500, versus per-pupil spending of nearly $25,000 in the DC public schools.

The irony is that many members of Congress, and President Obama, use school choice to send their children to private schools. Do they hate poor black kids, or just not want them in the same schools as their children?

For more on this issue, and to watch videos (even I get a bit choked up at these, and I am emotionally dead inside) of some of the students giving a message to President Obama, visit