Cronyism Undermines Cargo Airport

It appears the Hazleton Airport project is now dead in the water, after Rep. Todd Eachus (the local sponsor and now Majority Leader) has dropped his support after several of the key players in the deal face criminal allegation, and more evidence the airport would have no tenants (more from Gort42).

As we pointed out, this project was only a pork project for polical cronies, and unworthy of taxpayer support.  However, one error the article makes is tying the $250 million in state funding to the budget deficit.  The airport would have been funded from the RACP capital budget – i.e. the state would borrow to fund it.  Lawmakers already approved an $800 million increase in the RACP borrowing, and identified $12.7 billion in projects, so that money will just go to fund pork somewhere else.